• The most unique standardization of Safranal and Crocin on the market
  • Guarantee 100% pure, without adulteration
  • Regular quality controls
  • Recognized by EU legislation as food ingredient and GRAS approved

  • A full control of traceability (unique in France)
  • A double sourcing
  • With no adverse effects

  • 3 galenic forms available for different applications
  • A low efficient dose (30 mg)
  • Tasteless and fragrance-free

    Various claims that can reach different consumers

    “Eat saffron and you will learn to smile again!”

    Crocus stigmas are harvested in autumn. The flowers are collected in the early mornings when they have just barely blossomed. The individual stigmas are then extracted manually.

    Once extracted, the stigmas are dried according to precise temperature and humidity conditions favoring the appearance of certain compounds. It takes no less than 150,000 to 220,000 flowers to produce one kilogram of saffron.

    While its use as a taste enhancing spice is quite familiar, saffron is also used to treat certain physical and mental disorders in many Middle Eastern and Asian cultures.

    However, recent research tends to confirm the efficacy of saffron extracts in the alleviation and prevention of depression and other mood disorders, establishing an interesting perspective in the field of dietary supplements.

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    Food supplements: tablets, capsules, soft gel capsules, sachets, syrups…
    Traditional food: Fruit juices, sweets, chocolates, soups and sauces…

    Recommended dosage:
    30 mg/day (2x 15 mg) for a 4- to 6-week treatment

    Saffr'Activ - Refreshing sleeps for bright active days!

    As the expert in mental balance solutions, GPE created Saffr'Activ, a saffron extract characterized by its unique standardization (2% crocin as determined by HPLC analyses) with proven high efficiency on sleeping issues management.

    In 2014, a double blind placebo controlled trial - realized on 30 people with low anxiety level and medium sleeping issues - evidenced the high efficiency of Saffr'Activ to improve significantly sleeping quality.

    Improvement of global sleep quality

    Conditions on the trial:

  • Double blind randomized
  • Placebo controlled
  • N = 30 patients
  • Results:
    High efficiency of Saffr'Activ to improve significantly sleeping quality

    Sleep better
    Be in good mood

    Saffron was historically used to manage depression in Persian traditional medicine. Over the past 15 years, clinical trials providing proof of the efficacy of saffron in lowering anxiety and depressive symptoms have piled up.

    Saffron acts on depression through a multi-target mechanism:

  • selective serotonin reuptake inhibition allows an increase in serotonin level. mood improvement and alleviation of compulsive disorder.
  • elevation of dopamine and glutamate levels action-reward system and learning / memory capability.
  • neuronal protection through antioxidant activity, gene regulation as well as immune like cell stimulation.
  • Furthermore, insomnia and depression occur often together, making it hard to know if one is the cause for the other. Lately, crocin, one of the main active principle of saffron, has been demonstrated to promote non rapid eye movement sleep in mice.

    During the deep stages of non rapid eye movement sleep, the body repairs and regrows tissues, builds bone and muscle, and strengthens the immune system.

    Pilot studies realized on men demonstrated that daily oral administration of crocetin, a metabolite of crocin, contributes in improving the subjective quality of sleep and attenuates physical fatigue.

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